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by "Big Daddy" Donnie Abreu

1/14/00 9:10:43 PM This is a MAJOR update ... some news has come out of WCW and the events belowe occured less than 2 hours ago

THE LAW has learned from speaking to several WCW employees that Vince Russo is in fact OUT as the Creative Director in WCW.

Russo had a huge argument with Turner executive Brad Siegel about the main event for this Sunday's pay per view.

Since Bret Hart cannot compete due to an injury, Russo wanted to have a battle royal to crown a new champ...and the man he wanted to put over was, Tank Abbott!

Siegel objected saying there is no way, and that made Russo furious. He mentioned the fact that he was supposed to have complete control and was assured he would not be interfered with by the TNT suits.

This has all resulted in a MAJOR shake-up.

Effective Monday, The Powers That Be are out and your new booking team consists of Kevin Nash, Kevin Sullivan, Mike Graham and J.J. Dillon.

Dillon has been quoted as saying he wants WCW to resemble what he saw at a recent Tokyo Dome show. WCW is saying that they want to get back to "old time wrestling" and don't care if that means they get clobbered in the ratings.

Ed Ferrera and Bill Banks HAVE accepted writing positions within WCW and will work for the new bookers. Russo has not yet accepted that position, which was also offered to him, but it is expected that he may ask for his release.

In addition to Russo, there are at least 20 WCW wrestlers who are FURIOUS about this sudden decision and will ALL be asking for their releases.

Many have suggested that if WCW wants "old time wrestling", the workers may come out with 15 minute headlocks and lots of punches and stomps at WCW Souled Out.

As if that isn't enough:

It now looks like the main event for Souled Out will be Sid Vicious versus Ric Flair for the WCW World Title, and Flair is currently set to win his 15th big belt!

Since Russo no longer has the book, Hulk Hogan is planning to return to Nitro this coming Monday, January 17th.

Macho Man is back with WCW and wrestled on tonight's house show - he should be back on TV soon.

Finally, Jeff Jarrett and Chris Benoit will NOT have their triple threat theatre match at Souled Out because Jarrett has a concussion, apparently from one of his three matches on Nitro.

We will have more details on all this EARTH SHATTERING, GROUND BREAKING news on tomorrow night's episode of THE LAW on The FAN590.

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