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Tragedy in the WWF

Owen Hart passed away last night after a tragic fall during the WWF PPV special "Over the Edge". He was making an entrance to the ring in a harness attached to a cable when, it is believed that the harness snapped and Owen Hart fell 50 feet head first into the ring apron. It was described that medical afficials were trying to revive him in the ring, he was put on a streatcher and rushed to hospital, unfortionatly he was announced dead on arrival. Luckily the accident was not seen on television. To my shock and disgust they continued on with the show and apparently will show Raw this monday, but don't expect to see the Bret Hart/Kevin Nash match on the tonigt show today, it has been cancelled. This is an extremely unfortunate tragedy that has seen a 34-year-old husband, brother, son, uncle, and father of two senslessly brought to death. It is time that the wrestling world wake up to the dangers it's members may be facing and avoid anything aweful like this from ever happening again!