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Wrestling Name: Rey Mysterio Jr. (Rey Misterio Jr.)
Meaning: King of mystery
Real name: Oscar Gutierrez, could be Gonzalez
Other Wrestling Names: Colibri, and Super Nino(as a rookie)
Weight: 145 lb.
Hieght: 5'4"
Date of Birth Dec.13, 1974
Birthplace San Diego, California
Nickname: Flying Fury,Giant Killer,and Rey Rey
Trained: Tijuana, Mexico
Debut: 1990, southern California, against Shamu
Marital status: Married (with one son, 2years)
Siblings: 3 brothers
Trademark move: Frankensteiner
WCW titles held: 5 time WCW World Cruiserweight Champion
  3 Time WCW World Tag Team Champions
Other titles held: AAA/IWAS World Tag Team Title /w Rey Misterio
  California: HHW Light Heavyweight Title
  Mexican National Welterweight Title
  Mexican National Trios Title /w Octagon & Super Muneco
  Mexico: WWA World Tag Team Title /w Rey Misterio
  Mexico:WWA World Lightweight Title (3)
  Mexico: WWA World Welterweight Title (3)
More about Rey: -Dropt out of school in grade 11
-Favourite band is Pantera
-Favourite school subject was Phys Ed
-Psychosis is really one of his best friends
-Rey Is a good father