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Rey Mysterio Jr. ONLINE Official Trivia Game!!!

Quiz #1

Click on the button beside your choice.

Answer these 10 questions then check your level of expertise below!

Answer Each Question...

1)Rey Jr's real life name is...

2) Rey Jr was born in...

3) "Rey Mysterio Jr" means...

4) Rey has...

5)One of Rey Jr's prior wrestling names was which of the following?

6) Rey's favourite band/singer is...

7) At what PPV event did Rey remove his mask?

8) Is it true or false that Rey underwent extensive knee surgery after a sevear accident during an ECW television match?

9) Rey made his wrestling debut at what age?

10) Rey was given the name "Rey Mysterio Jr." after another wrestler "Rey Misterio" who was his...

What did you score?!
     0 points: You Suck!!!
     1point: Gotta get to know Rey!
     2points: Try a LITTLE harder next time!
     3points: Give it another shot!
     4points: Gettin' there!
     5points: Not bad!
     6ponits: Good!
     7points: Very Good!
     8ponits: Almost there!
     9points: Your a pro, congratulations!
     10points: I'm impressed! Hope you didn't cheat!!!

New, harder quiz coming soon!!!